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Features: 1. High-Quality Aluminum Alloy 2. Easy to install 3. 360 Free Rotation Uses:1. Great for navigation apps and song selection 2. Mounts great if applied correctly! Safe to use! 3. Small and Strong, Uses Magnets to hold your phone in place! Random/Loose Option: The random/loose option is a variant which will include loose car mounts. You get everything that comes with a regular purchase except the retail box. This is due to the manufacturer supplying me with a few mounts that do not have their retail box. However, some orders may come with a damaged retail box but the mount inside will be in perfect condition. The color of the mount will be random. *THESE ARE DASHBOARD MOUNTS, NOT VENT MOUNTS* Warning: -Non-Adhesive friendly car dashboards are not suitable for this product.-Heavy phones such as a Note 8 or tablet are not recommended for this product.-Attaching the magnet under a case will weaken the magnetism, please note this before applying the magnet. -The surface in which you will be installing this must be wax and dust free!-Smooth surfaces are ideal for installationDashboard Mounts will include a flat mounting bottom with an adhesive that fits with most vehicle dashboards. Please keep in mind, deep ridges on the dashboard may prevent proper installation of the mount. Air-Vent mounts will come with a tight grip bottom that will fit into most traditional air vents, no mounting adhesive is required. Both mounts come with a magnet to attach to your device. Keep in mind that heavy phones such as the Note 8, Note 9, and tablets will not work with this mount as it would be too heavy for the magnet to support it.