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      Great for sealing electronics and cellphones tablets laptops, Excellet solution when you need good rubbery glue which can be easily removed when you need to, using heat gun or hair drier Black Liquid Rubber 50ML T7000 Glue Wood Plastic Metal Adhesive Drill Glue Stick Drill Point. More specs at the bottom. Product descriptionT - 7000 is a plastic and plastic, plastic and metal adhesive for bonding agent, adhesive PP/PE plastic don't need to do any processing can direct bonding of a new product, at the same time it also in adhesive acrylic and plastic will not have the effect of corrosion.This glue is a colorful color glue, environmental protection, no pollution, no corrosion of one-component multi-function all-purpose adhesive glue, room temperature curing exposed to air, safe and convenient to use, with excellent waterproof, moisture, shock, aging resistance and good sealing and adhesive is flexible elastomer after curing, adhesive performance, powerful extraordinary human packaging design, in the process of operation does not need the new bottle cover can be used, using temperature range - 30 DHS C ~ + 90 DHS C.T - 7000 adhesive is widely used in: PP/PE/PVC/ABS/PS/PO/rubber, plastic, leather, sponge, wood, paper, toys, glass, ceramic, metal, plastic line drawing, some drilling and diamond jewelry category, frame, lamp act the role ofing, cloth art, crafts, headphones, ear plugs, such as the material between the stick and stick on the glue, is the most ideal choice for production and work. Technical DataModel number:T7000Colloid: blackSolid content:48%-55%The surface dry time:6 minutesGeneral cure time: 4 to 8 hoursCompletely cure time: 24 to 48 hoursSave: save under 10 to 28 degrees Gel strength comparisonT - 8000 (8000 CPS)T - 7000 (7000 CPS)E7000 (3500 CPS)B6000 (3200 CPS)E8000 (3000 CPS)B7000 (2800 CPS) Precautions1. May be irritating to the skin and eyes2.Use in a well-ventilated environment3. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water4. Keep away from children's store, production operations, please stay away from fire5. Shelf life of one year ,Using date see the product pipe Instructions1. Please read carefully description Introduction before using the product2. Before the large-scale use, please do a small area test3. Make sure the sticky substance surface is clean and dry4.The use of optimal temperature should be between -5 to +40 degrees 5. Open lid must be tightly closed immediately after the glue, avoid colloid and air contact for a long time after curing6. Glue need to be in 3 minutes after the two slightly on the bonding pressure7. Products placed 4 to 8 hours after construction can be moved and ordinary packaging, but can not be sealed packaging8. Products for a long time need not when residual glue out of the gate need to be removed for next time use