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AT&T Unlimited Data R E N T Y O U R P L A N PLAN RENTAL WITH OR WITHOUT A SIM CARD | NO COMMITMENT SUBSCRIPTION FOR EVERY 30 DAYS OF UNLIMITED DATA | STREAM SAVER FEATURE | PERSONAL HOTSPOT FEATURE ENABLED | SPECIFICALLY FOR DATA ONLY DEVICES | EASY SET UP | EASY ACCESS FAQ | CUSTOMER SUPPORT 365 DAYS A YEAR WHY BUY ANY WHERE ELSE? $99 /month $99.00 every 30 days for each line of service, auto-billed via PayPal subscription U N L I M I T E D D A T A THIS IS NOT THE GRANDFATHERED IPAD DATA PLAN ~ *ALL DATA DEVICES WELCOME!Has your data plan been disconnected recently? Scroll to the bottom of listing to find out why... Browse, Download, Stream and Upload Experience dependable unlimited high-speed internet from your AT&T compatible cellular data device. Enjoy AT&T Data coverage where available nationwide, even in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. There is absolutely no throttling! Speeds may vary depending on usage area and network congestion just like a cell phone. In addition to a home, this option works wonderfully in rural areas, traveling, RVs, big rig trucks and mobile work places! You can expect 15 to 75Mbps or more on average fluctuation. Speeds may vary depending device used, coverage area and network congestion. And no, your data really won't be throttled even using hundreds of gigabytes per month, every month. Deprioritization may occur after 22GB used. For more information, see the FAQs below. Supported Devices Get unlimited high-speed broadband internet for your mobile hotspot, iPad, Android tablet, cellular modem/router, USB modem, computer, etc. Any AT&T compatible device works! The personal hotspot / Wi-Fi feature in tablets, iPads, and others is supported. This service does not support voice or text messages, which means this is not for phones.For more information, please see below FAQ: Will my device work with this plan? What Is The Cost? In addition to choosing your buy option above, you are responsible to pay your PayPal subscription cost every 30 days. Once initially for activation for the first 30 days, and then every 30 days until the user discontinues service. For more information, please see FAQ below. Buy Options Which is best for you? I have my own new AT&T SIM card Available for $9.99 at retailers like: Best Buy, Target and Walmart. Any new AT&T SIM card will work -- yes even AT&T prepaid SIM cards. You will likely find the AT&T SIM Card Kit (3-in-1 SIM) in a blue or white package on store shelves. THE SIM CARD MUST BE NEW AND FOR AT&T SPECIFICALLY! SIM cards are available in three different sizes, so please make sure you know which size your intended device requires when you're buying one on your own. SIM cards that have been previously activated can't be activated a second time. Any new AT&T SIM card will work, but it must be new. I don't have a SIM card. Send me one!You'll be sent an original triple-cut '3-in-1' AT&T SIM card that will fit any device. Shipping is free and discounted expedited shipping is available. What Happens After The Purchase? PLEASE REPLY to the message sent immediately through eBay after purchase. The following information will be requested: SIM ICCID number and device IMEI number. If you have a NEW SIM card in-hand, the account could be set up most likely within a few hours, guaranteed within 12 hours of purchase on the condition that you have started the subscription. Don't have your SIM card just yet? No problem. Just wait to start the subscription until you're ready. How it works: explained simply 1. Choose your Buy It Now option and complete your order through eBay. 2. After your order has been completed, you will receive a message. Reply to that message with the requested information. 3. Once your reply has been received and your information has been confirmed for use, a second message will be sent with a PayPal subscription link. Only when you’re ready to activate your SIM card, complete the subscription and you will be charged for your first 30 days of unlimited data. 4. When notified by PayPal that your subscription has been completed, the activation process will start. You will receive a third message when your SIM card has been successfully activated most likely within a few hours, guaranteed within 12 hours. The process is always completed manually and as quickly as possible. What is the return policy? If you're unhappy with the new AT&T service, you may ask to have your service discontinued and subscription fee refunded only if you are within the first 24 hours of your initial activation. The eBay order will not be refunded for any reason. If you have purchased a SIM card here, the SIM card is disposable and doesn't need to be sent back. Please contact us directly through messages to resolve any issues. Shipping Waiting for things in mail is lame. That is why all orders are hand-delivered and walked in to the post office every open business day; that means Monday through Saturday - six days a week. Any order after 7AM PST (M-F) may be dropped off the following morning at the latest. If you have provided your own SIM card number; you won't be sent anything besides instructions through eBay Messages. Questions? Scroll down to see FAQs. If your question isn't answered there; send a message.Please, really look. A lot of time is spent answering common questions that are already answered here. FAQ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Shipping & Electronic Delivery
 Will I get a tracking number / How do I track my item?All purchases with a SIM card include a tracking number which can be found on your Purchase History page.
 I have my own SIM card. What are you shipping me? If you have bought your SIM card from another retailer, you will not be shipped anything. You will receive easy instructions via eBay messages. It’s considered electronic delivery. Your order will be marked shipped after you have successfully been sent confirmation of activation. Returns & Seller Responsibility What is the return policy?If you're unhappy with the new AT&T service, you may ask to have your service discontinued and subscription fee refunded only if you are within the first 24 hours of your initial activation. The eBay order will not be refunded for any reason. If you have purchased a SIM card here, the SIM card is disposable and doesn't need to be sent back. Please contact us directly through messages to resolve any issues. As I seller, what are you responsible for? Seller Responsibility: Option 1: Setting up the AT&T account with your provided SIM card number, giving you device APN settings. Option 2: Setting up the AT&T account with a provided SIM card, giving you device APN settings, and mailing the SIM card to your verified address. You are responsible to know if your device operates correctly, how to change the APN settings, network compatibility and correctly inserting the SIM card. 

 Item Details Whats the most common problem(s) that could occur? As a seller, I always do my best so customers have an easy and pain free experience. 95% of my of my transactions are free of any questions after purchase, but there are some. Typically, it's (honestly) a new user error and customers didn't read the description of what they bought or don't follow the activation instructions properly. This includes completing the steps in order and/or not properly setting the device's APN settings. The second most common problem is the SIM card. The SIM card that you or is provided could be defective on arrival, or days or weeks after it's been working just fine. I'm not a techie and I don't know about this stuff. Is this for me? You don't have to be a "techie" to be successful in setting up you device and SIM card. Remember, you can always ask someone to help you out that you may think is more savvy. Why is it taking over an hour to get back to me? Well, we're human and like most humans we're not in front of or have access to a computer the entire day. We operate out of California on Pacific Time. We can't stress enough how important our customer response time and help is to us, so please be patient and have a realistic expectation. We're quicker than you expect. What is the monthly cost? The PayPal subscription (cost mentioned above) will automatically charge your preferred payment method every 30 days for each line of service. You can manage the subscription yourself, which means you can also change and cancel the payment method. No refunds or proration on previously paid services will be issued. The subscription cost includes tax. There is no discount on multiple lines of service. What type of payment can be used to pay for the account? Your PayPal subscription must clear every 30 days to keep your rented account active. Any card payment (credit card, debit card, prepaid card) with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, bank account. You are not required to have a PayPal account to use PayPal subscription services. No other payment will be accepted other than through PayPal subscription services. What exactly am I getting? Option 1: Unlimited AT&T data account set up and access with your provided SIM card, rental for every 30 days until cancelled. Option 2: AT&T SIM card, unlimited AT&T data account set up and access with your provided SIM card, rental for every 30 days until cancelled.
 Is it really unlimited and no throttling?Yes. One of the first questions I get asked... every time. Yes, it's unlimited, no throttling. Yes, there is deprioritization (see below for more). How do I know which SIM card works for this plan? Any original (new) AT&T SIM card is required -- yes, even prepaid AT&T SIM cards. Will my device work with this plan? Typically any tablet, iPad, mobile hotspot or LTE modem/router, computer, etc that says it will work with AT&T - will work. These devices could also be "unlocked" which mean they're free to be used on all or most carriers. Please do your research, especially if you plan to using a device you're not familiar with. The use of phones and blacklisted devices are prohibited. What device do you recommend to use? Anything NETGEAR makes that suits your needs is recommended. If not NETGEAR, stick with a major brand to insure a quality product and a better user interface experience. Our customers use all types of devices ranging from simple hotspots to RV wireless routers. Is an account being set up with my information? No. Since you are renting the plan from Simple Cellution; the plan won't have any of your personal information on the account like your name, phone number or address.
 Can I rent multiple unlimited data plans?Yes, absolutely!
 Do I need a new SIM card every 30 days?Absolutely not. Besides being very inconvenient, no cellular service works that way. How do I gain access to my account? You can't. Simple Cellution is the owner of the umbrella account. Any and all account changes can be communicated through eBay Messages. Can I use this data plan for my primary internet at home? Yes. It's suggested to check in to an LTE modem (Wi-Fi option may be separate). There are a few good ones available from: Netgear and MoFi Network. Otherwise, a mobile hotspot may suit your needs as well. Can internet service be shut down?AT&T may interrupt your service. The most likely, is for excessive usage. AT&T sees excessive usage as "abuse" of the plan even though it's labeled as an unlimited plan. If your data use is trending to exceed or come close to 999GB at the end of your billing cycle, your service may be suspended. For example: Use of 400GB to 500GB used during the first two week in to your billing cycle may result in a suspended account. A suspended account can be reactivated, but if this is a recurring problem this plan will not work for you and suggest finding an alternative option for your internet, or alternating between two different SIM card plans. Do I get AT&T data coverage in my area? Most likely you do, but please take a look at AT&T's website at the data coverage map on how well it works in your area. If you have an AT&T smart phone you run a speed test on the web browser to get a sense of how quick or slow the data plan would be. I can't include a link here, but you can check this by Googling: "AT&T Reseller Coverage Map" and select "Data" on the site. 
 Do I have to renew my data every month?Yes. The PayPal subscription deducts the amount automatically every month from your preferred payment method. Do you offer the same service with Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint?Unfortunately not at this time. Does this service work outside of the US? No, not really. Anywhere outside of the 50 states, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands, the service will slow to 3G speeds, rendering the service essentially useless. What is APN settings? The Access Point Name (APN) is the name of the gateway between a mobile network and another computer network. A mobile device making a data connection must be configured with an APN to present to the carrier. What is Stream Saver? Many AT&T plans with data will include Stream Saver feature which allows you to save data on content it recognizes as video by streaming higher definition video at Standard Definition quality on compatible devices (unless the video provider has opted out). For plans with Stream Saver feature, AT&T will activate it for you. Stream Saver will not recognize all video content. Restrictions apply. My video streaming isn't good quality. Is there any way to fix this?If you typically have a fast connection, but your video streaming picture quality isn't great, unfortunately it's the Stream Saver feature AT&T attaches to this plan. Can the Stream Saver feature be removed?Unfortunately AT&T has restricted the feature to be removed from accounts as of July 1, 2020. What is tethering / hotspot wi-fi feature? When the tablet is connected to the mobile data network, it can convert the data stream into a Wi-Fi signal for other devices to share. This technique works with most current Android and iOS devices, and using your phone as a hotspot can be more secure than using a public hotspot.
 Why am I getting a "SIM Provisioned" or "broadband disconnected" message?This means your SIM card is not active. Go back to the activation instructions and make sure you have completed everything in order. If you're seeing this message after a successful activation, please contact us so we can check the status of your account.
 My internet has been disconnected. WTF?!If your internet isn't working please restart your device, double-check your APN settings and be sure you haven't made any changes to the device to possibly cause this issue. If everything looks good, please contact us and we'll check the status of your data service and we'll solve the issue together in a timely manner and we'd appreciate it if you saved the attitude for someone else. My device says my cycle date is not what it should be, why is that? Your individual cycle date may not be accurate, all that matters is the PayPal subscription renewal date. If device hasn’t been factory restored from your last service, it may be displaying the old cycle date still. If your device displays the 1st as the end date, it’s reading the primary enterprise plan’s renewal date. If your device reads any other date, it’s still irrelevant because only your PayPal subscription dates matter. What is the proper APN settings for my device? Depending on the device, the APN setting may be changed automatically by power cycling your device after an active SIM card is inserted. If not, most APN settings should be set as follows: Name - "att broadband", APN - "broadband". Q: I'm getting speeds at less than 10Mbps consistently - what's the problem? If you're running in to this issue, you probably have a defective SIM card and it needs to be replaced. Remember, you can always change the SIM card on your account. I'm being throttled! Help me! Relax, you're not being throttled. No one gets throttled. If this was true, the data speed would never be faster than 256Kbps for the remainder of your billing cycle. Please educate yourself and Google "deprioritization vs throttling". Does this plan have deproritization?Yes. All AT&T unlimited plans have deprioritization. You may, NOT will, see temporary slow downs during heavy traffic times after 22GB has been used on your current billing cycle. Please educate yourself and Google "deprioritization vs throttling". Can I / How do I contact AT&T?Please don't contact AT&T with any service issues. Please message through eBay or send a text to the given contact number when you started the rental plan. Can I / How do I change the SIM card on my account? To change the SIM card on your account; please contact Simple Cellution for the plan to be updated. This process has to be done by an AT&T business representative Monday through Fridays 9am to 6pm. 
Can I / How do I change the device on my account?To change the device on your account, please contact us for the plan to be updated to the new IMEI number. What happens if I choose to stop my plan?Let us know if there is an issue, because we'd like to help if we can. There are no repercussion for cancelling your service, you can notify us to discontinue service or you may do it on your own. When the plan is stopped, your SIM card will not be able to be used again (that's standard for any carrier or plan) and we sure won't not blacklist your device, we're not even capable. How do I close my account / stop my plan? You may stop you data plan at any time continue to use the plan until your billing cycle ends, which means you won't be immediately disconnected. Stop the automatic payment yourself or contact us. What happens if my subscription payment doesn't clear when I'm charged?We will both get an email of a failed payment if your subscription payment fails to be charged. Simple Cellution reserves the right to disconnect your service immediately due to a failed payment at any time. We most likely will try to contact you and give you the day to resubmit your payment, but if subscriber doesn't complete the payment the same day, your sim card will be disconnected. Can I start a subscription again after cancelling?Yes. If you were a previous subscriber, please go through the ordering process through eBay again. How do I contact you? Please send a message through eBay. You will get a response as soon as possible and pretty quickly (really!)... and sending multiple messages minutes apart and repeating the same thing doesn't make get response quicker. In fact, it may cause a slower response ;) You can also text the number that is provided in the activation instructions, but the response time is the same as sending a message through eBay.
 ~ Simple Cellution is a registered business in California ~ 
 Any eBay seller other than Simple Cellution with this item description is an a$$hole and a plagiarizer Has your data plan been disconnected recently? Here's why...AT&T discontinued their unlimited data plan for $35 a month on February 12th, 2020 without any warning. It was a big blow to resellers and their customers. This was definitely “the golden plan” for a couple of years when it was available. Since February AT&T’s fraud department has been running IMEI checks on those accounts (as they do on all of their accounts). This hadn’t been done previously, which is one of the reasons this plan was truly great. In the second half of February, AT&T started suspending or cancelling accounts without notice if you weren’t using the IMEI listed on the account, an iPad IMEI specifically. This trend has continued and customers are randomly getting shut off and whoever they bought from aren’t answering any questions.We get several questions and comments on this subject weekly, and we inform them on what happened. Typically we get messages like, “My $35 a month data was shut off and the person I bought from isn’t responding.” or “I was renting an unlimited plan from another seller and everything was working great until I was disconnected and not they’re not responding to me.” This is because 95%+ of the sellers on eBay offering that very same AT&T unlimited plan (now grandfathered) is just renting the same $35 plan to you for $60, $75, $80 a month. Which means the seller has had these plans since before they were discontinued as is continuing to rent them until they’re all shut down and leaving you wondering what happened. To clarify, this is happening because AT&T can see you aren’t using an iPad on an iPad plan, you’re likely using a hotspot and AT&T considers this fraud so you will be disconnected sooner or later without warning. Don’t believe me? Feel fee to Google / Youtube: at&t unlimited data plan $34.99, at&t data connect unlimited, iPad unlimited plan cancelled… there’s hundreds of references to this. MOVE OVER TO US TO KEEP THIS FROM HAPPENING TO YOU.