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      hello i am listing this old antique retro vintage samsonite luggage case. this also says shwayder bros. inc on the gold tag on it. this case is used but in great condition for being as old as it is. This item would probably clean up MUCH better if someone wanted to spend the time to "detail" this case with a q-tip and toothpick and spot treat the few remaining light marks that are on it. this item was always stored in a clean dry warm area. i wiped this item off quickly with a lightly damp rag to get dust off it. i did not try to clean each mark on here and i would call this item "originally nice" condition. this would probably clean up much better but i will leave that up to the winning bidder!. there are mostly small marks all over this case as seen in the pictures. there is one small-medium sized scuff near the left latch on this, no other mark is larger than this scuff mark. the handle on top has small hairline cracks on the handle part only. the inside of this is clean also. the mirror has some hazing throughout and chipping of the silver backround near the edges. the inside has 1 large pocket on one side and 3 smaller pockets on other of the small fasteners that secures the inside pocket is loose. so instead of being 3 pockets on one side there is 2. if the fastener is reattached there will be 3 pockets again. there is no key included with this. i am a very picky person and like to describe things the best i can. i am only being honest in mentioning these above minor flaws. this case is still very much usable and would make a fantastic vintage item with so many uses. this would be PERFECT for someone who takes vintage photographs or pictures as a prop. this would also be perfect for anyone in the classic car scene who wants this as a trunk accessory and for it to look "period correct". with everything being said i believe someone can clean this case up much nicer and it would still display very nicely but i will leave that up to the winning bidder! please see pics any questions send me a message! (if the winning bidder plans to restore this case or wants a brand new piece of mirror cut i can get a new piece of mirror for $15 and include it in. please allow between 1-2 days extra if you want a mirror piece cut and added to total price)