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      Restocking fee: There will be a 15% restocking fee if returning mistakenly order or no longer needed item, read the tips below on how to avoid it. Read the item description carefully instead of only the listing title. Choose the correct item from the drop-down menu (if applicable) before clicking on the add to cart button. If you have any questions regarding the item, please send us a message before purchasing. Installation Fee: All LCD in original condition may be returned within (30) days from the purchase date for a full refund without installation. We highly recommend to our customers to test the LCD and make sure it is fully functioning before installation since the components on the LCD is fragile and can easily be damaged by static electricity or other factors that causes image or touch issues. Depending on the used condition of the LCD, it may be Disqualified for a return or charging a 15% installation Fee. DOA (Dead On Arrival): Take a picture of the outer box if you have received a damaged package, check all the contents inside for any physical damage and send the pictures to us as evidence within 3 Days for a return or refund. 1.Wear Anti-Static Gloves or a Wrist Strap to release any static electricity before touching the LCD. 2.Check the pins on the flex cable connector to see if any of them is bent or missing. 3.Check around the LCD and make sure none of the components are damaged. 4.Check the light reflection on the LCD under a lamp to see if any of the areas have a different color. 5.Connect the LCD and Digitizer/Touch flex cables to your devices motherboard connectors first. *DO NOT install the LCD onto the device BEFORE testing the parts! 6.Move an icon around on your screen to make sure the display and touch are fully functional. We accept only PayPal payment. A non-payment dispute will be opened if full payment is not received after 4 days of auction. The order will be sent out within 24 Hours We try our best to reply to your emails as soon as possible, however, due to high volume of daily incoming emails and time zone difference, we may not be able to reply your emails immediately. We will solve any from problem for our valued customer. All right reserved.